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What is Folding?  Folding or also known as the Folding at Home is project, researches Protein Folding (the shapes of proteins). 

What is a Protein? Proteins are complex organic molecules that contain chains of amino acids or nucleic acids, among other things and are fundamental components of all living cells. Proteins include many substances such as; enzymes, hormones, antibodies and Viruses.  Proteins not only build muscle but and are important for cellular and  intercellular communications. Proteins are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism. Our bodies see the chemical make up of a protein as the same, It doesn't look at what the protein is a carrying; amino acid, nucleic acid, friend or foe.  It only looks at its shape of a protein, The shape is like a key that can unlock a door. The shape of a protein defines it role within the body.  The most important thing to understand about proteins are their shape.

 What is Protein folding?

 The Folding at Home project was started by Stanford University and is run by multiple universities around the world

 They're also what surround and protects Viruses.

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