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Overview of Comic Grading 

How to grade your own comics

Pyramid Comics and Cards offers 3 different levels of expect comic grading.

  • Informal - Time and Work load permitting we will inspect and give you a verbal grade of your book or small collection of books.  We will explain to you on how we came to that grade and what too look for in high quality book. This service is free. 
  • Certificate of Grade - Our Expert Grading using Overstreet Grading Guidelines.  We will assign a numerical grade and a letter grade to each book based on the number of major and minor defects for the interior and exterior of the book including page whiteness and cover reflectivity.  A paper certificate and sticker (applied to comic bag) stating the grade your comic received will accompany your comic. This service can take up to seven (7) days to complete.  Free with the purchase of our Variant Graded comics or $10.00 per comic.
  • CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) - The CGC using Overstreet Grading Guidelines will perform a restoration check, grade and place each of your comics in a tamper evident holder.  This service is excellent for speculating / investing in key high grade gold and silver age comics or high demand Modern / Digital Age Variant or RRP edition comics.  With this service we will offer a informal verbal appraisal of the grade you should expect to receive from the CGC.  Prices and turnaround times vary.  

How to grade your own comics

Overview of comic grading 

Near Mint (9.8 to 9.0) - Most new comic books will fall into this category.

The comic should lie flat, there can be a few
 Minor bindery creases on the spine but no major creases on cover, Staples should be like new. There can not be any stains or marks on the inside or outside, There should be no tears or cuts on the inside pages and The cover should be bright and shiny. 

cgc 9.8

Very Fine (8.9 to 7.5)

Beware of comic books 1989 or earlier graded above this mark. Due to the nature of paper, discoloration is expected over time. For a comic book to be considered Very Fine it look as if it were read a few time with care and love. The cover should be mostly flat but may have some wear, The colors of the cover may have faded slightly and there maybe some lines may be visible on the spine.  The interior pages are just staring to turn yellow, but there can be no stains or major discoloration.  The comic should still look good with only minor imperfections.

cgc 7.4

Fine (7.4 to 5.5), Very Good (5.4 to 3.5) and Good (3.4 to 2)

These are your average comic book that you find at comic store $1.00 bins, flee markets, consignment/antique stores and garage sales. They are the C student of the comic book world.  They are great to read (and should be often) but your not going to get rich off of them and most likely you will not even get your money back out of them, so read them, use them as a coaster, then give them to someone else to read (Reading is FUNdamental).  To grade them we are just adding up the faults, and the lower grade (Good) are starting to show major signs of wear and tear.  Expect to see minor creasing, cover wear, minor printing defects, corner blunting, color chips, spine roll, and the pages are no longer white, but are a shade of tan.

cgc faircgc 1.9

Fair (1.9 to 1)

The cover is attached but pieces may be missing.  There are large amounts of wear including fading, discoloration, and stains. Coupons may be cut from the book as long as it does not interrupt flow of the story. Staples may be rusted or missing.  Pages are brown, but not brittle.  Comics in this condition are still readable. 

Poor (less the 1)

Comics in this condition have rips, stains, missing covers, missing pages, pages are brittle and may have mold or mold damage.  These comics look like they have been flood or left in the desert sun, and most likely they have.  These comics have no value. 

Mint (10.0 to 9.9)

Mint is perfect in everyway.  A book without flaw, cut perfectly, cover tight, pages in perfect alignment, a book that has never been opened and has seen less then 5 minutes of day light in its entire existence. In reality Mint comics do not exist.  Mint is the most missed used term/grade in the comic books kingdom that most dealers and collectors are referring to a beautiful near mint book.  True Mint books are Very, Very Rare (as in leprechaun and Unicorn Rare) and can sell for 10 to 50+ times Overstreet Book Value.

cgc mint

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  How to grade your comics