Pyramid Comics and Cards Guide to Comic Book collecting and storing
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Pyramid Comics and Cards
Guide to Comic Book collecting and storing

  • We are a strong believer in collecting the comics you like to read.  People who speculate, or buy comics because they believe that a comic will increase in value are usually disappointed.  With proper storage your comics can and should hold their value or collect ability in the future. 
  • Store your comics’ upright, rather than laying flat.  Stacking your comics flat will cause the spines to "roll", which means they start to bend or curl upwards.  This is caused by the staples.  We sell special boxes for this purpose.
  • Only handle your comics with clean hands.  Fingerprints and smudges will hurt the re-readability and value of your comics.
  • Bag your comics.  Using Mylar bags are best, because it is inert and acid-free, but they can be very expensive.  If you are on a budget use Polypropylene (PP Bags) or Polyethylene (PE Bags) bags, but plan on replacing them every couple of years.  Our personal preference is for PE Bags.  PP Bags are crystal clear, but after long term storage (10 or more years) they crack.  PE bags have a slight matte finish, they don't crack, but they also do not show off the true beauty of your comic covers.
  • If you can afford to board your comics, do so.  Use a board that is acid free or buffered.  If you are unsure the board is acid free then replace it.  Common card stock will transfer acid to the pages of your comic and yellow the pages of a comic.  We use and sell only the highest quality 24 point (thickness) Virgin alkaline buffered backer boards.  If you purchased a comic from another dealer, internet retailer or ebay, you almost 100% received a short term board (if you got one at all) and they will destroy your comic in a short period of time. 
  • Never place your comics in a zip lock bag or a sheet protector.  They both contain PVC plastic; on a warm day the PVC can stick to the printing and remove it from the cover of your comic.  Use only Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Mylar bags.
  • Never leave your comics in direct sunlight, in areas that are wet or moist, in attics or garages.  The vast temperature changes will destroy your comics in a very short time.
  • Folks with lots of room can have entire rooms devoted to their collections but if you don't have the space look low, You can place several comic books under your bed, just make sure your bed frame is secure and there is a few inches of clearance from the top of the boxes.  You might want to put tour bed up on cinderblocks to give you the space you need.

     Finally remember to enjoy collecting your comics, there meant to be fun.