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The Walking Dead Comic & Trades Explained

First, the Walking Dead comes out in Comic book form once a month for $2.99, there are 12 regular issues a year plus specials.  Issues are collected into volumes based on 6 issue story arcs.

 One question we get a lot is what is the difference between a walking dead trade paper, hard cover and omnibus?

 Trade Paperbacks (TP) have 6 collected issues and currently retail for $14.99

Hard Cover (HC) have 12 collected issues and currently retail for $34.99

Omnibus Hard Cover (Omni) have 24 collected issues and currently retail for $100.00

 The Comic book is the most popular with readers followed by Trade Paperback, we stock both.  Hard covers and Omnibus can be special ordered for you, if you would like. 

Why are the out of print Walking Dead comics so expensive?  

 Itís a little hard to explain, but all comics from all publishers are printed in a limited first edition (we just donít call it limited edition).  The Walking Dead #1 came out in 2003 and you could have picked it up off our rack for the $2.99 cover.  Image comics (the publisher) printed approx 10,000 copies of issue 1, and less of the next 12 issues, but the comic got some good reviews and the readers liked it, so it kept going.  75 issues in to the Walking Dead print run the AMC Walking Dead show came out, it is/was hugely popular, this brought in no traditional comic readers in store looking for the issues.  At that point itís supply and demand.  Issue #1 graded in mint condition just fetched $10,100.  Not bad for a comic you could have picked up off our rack for $2.99Ö