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Will DC Comics make Superman gay?

Posted by Pyramid Comics on

Will DC Comics make Superman gay?
     I got this in my newsfeed this morning; DC Comics will make Superman gay in an unexpected shake-up, and fans are overjoyed (linked here) .
     If you read the article, the source is Ethan Van Sciver, a former DC artist. I believe that Ethan was making a social commentary on the state of comics and the recent revelation that Tim Drake (Robin) is gay, when he made this statement on his YouTube live stream.
     Van Sciver and many in the Comicsgate movement believe, mainstream super-hero comics are not the proper place to discuss social issues but should remain entertainment escapism and that Tim Drake, the wedding of Northstar or current story line with Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy nether furthers the characters, but rather cheapens them and adds controversy in order to sell more books.
     With the imbecilic direction Jim Lee & Daniel Cherry have taken DC Comics, there could be truth to this rumor. Van Sciver was right about the potential sale of DC Comics, so he might have inside information about Jonathan Kent, the new superman.