Kontonqua - Cavern of the Lost

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Kontonqua - Cavern of the LostThe year, 1951... three teens are invited to visit an Arctic Research station for the holidays... but they never make it. Their plane goes down in the Canadian tundra and it’s up to their pilot, a huge bearded giant with a dog named Jeep, to keep them safe until rescue arrives. But things go from bad to worse very quickly! An avalanche, an ice cave, and a plummet into an underground stream lead the stranded travelers on an adventure that none of them could have foreseen!Join “Buffalo” Brewster, Simon, Max, and Dexter... and Jeep... as they struggle to survive in a hidden cavern deep within the bowels of the Earth. A cavern of untold dangers, vast jungles, giant insects, and a long lost tribe of Asian nomads that have somehow managed to thrive and build a wondrous civilization despite the inherent dangers of their world.When their princess, the beautiful warrior jungle-girl, Anya, is kidnapped by a rival tribe of horrible mutant savages, it’s up to Buffalo and his crew of castaways to fly to the rescue!...if they can survive that long...