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Written by Geoff Johns, James Robinson and Sterling Gates
Art by Renato Guedes, José Wilson Magalhães, Pete Woods, Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne
Cover by Alex Ross

    Don't miss this second volume of the mega-event that alters The Man of Tomorrow down to his core, with stories from SUPERMAN #682 and 683, ACTION COMICS #872 and 873 and SUPERGIRL #35 and 36!
    After a long-lost section of Krypton is miraculously resurrected on Earth, The Man of Steel greets thousands of Kryptonians who are suddenly able to walk among humans. But a jarring culture clash destroys relations between the two species and violence erupts! Soon, the government's own anti-Kryptonian team sets out to dispatch the erupting conflict and the entire Superman family is affected.
Advance-solicited; on sale September 2
160 pg, FC, o $24.99 US